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Diploma in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering

The nature of many civil engineering projects means that there is a need for today’s engineers to have a good understanding of construction management due to the strategic benefits it can bring to both individuals and project teams.

As the industry becomes more competitive, organizations and their clients are increasingly demanding the combined time, cost and quality assurances that good project management practice provides. Furthermore, the industry now recognizes that there is a need for engineers to gain specialist technical knowledge which compliments their academic and professional background.


These observations form the basis of the Diploma in Civil Engineering and Construction Management; an essential core of construction management material augmented by a broad range of specialist civil engineering options.

Civil engineers work with structures. They design and supervise the construction of bridges, highways, dams, building, airports, harbors, flood control systems and vast array of projects that affect the quality of life for millions of people worldwide. Civil engineers today are designing methods and facilities to cope with many of our planet’s most serious problems. In the face of foul air; decaying cities; roadways, and bridges; clogged airports and highways; polluted streams, rivers and lakes, the civil engineer is being called on to design solutions that are workable and cost-effective. It is a good, creative and profitable profession.

After the completion of this course, a student will gain knowledge in drawing, surveying, estimation and supervision of various civil engineering works. Employments avenues exists in various government departments like road, irrigation & communication & various engineering firms, water supply and in private construction companies as well.

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