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Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Traditionally Electrical Engineering is considered to deal with the problems associated to large scale electrical systems, such as, electricity generation, transmission and utilization while electronics is concerned with low voltage applications in computers, communication systems and integrated circuits. The advancements in power transmission system and diverse uses of electricity in different walks of life have created demand for blending in these two disciplines and developing breeds of engineers who have knowledge and skills in both the areas. Realizing the need of such manpower, KIT started Diploma program in Electrical Engineering beginning year 2066.

ast three decades have witnessed phenomenal growth in electronics and communication, from lines to microwave and broadband communication. 

The growth is expected to be still more vigorous, involving higher levels of sophistication, technology and skills in the days to come. This has created avenues for specialized manpower who could be engaged in design, development, operation and maintenance of electronic circuits and devices for diverse communication needs.

After completion of this course a student will gain knowledge in basic electronics field and will be able to repair television, radio and telecommunication equipment, and electrical equipment like transformer, solar energy system and computer. Employment avenues exist in radio, television, telecommunication and airlines in both public and private sectors. Self employment opportunities are also rapidly increasing in this field.

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